The Bark and Stride van is now officially introduced!



With new window stickers installed, and three large crates for safe transportation inside, the Bark and Stride van is now fully up and running.

Let’s hope the stickers attract the eyes of prospective customers!

3 thoughts on “The Bark and Stride van is now officially introduced!

  1. Polly hill

    Just seen you van outside my house in grantchester. Have a labradoodle aged nearly two. There are times when I have to go away and am interested in using your services
    Thank you polly

  2. Polly hill

    Do you have a price list? I’m interested in dog sitting and dog walking. Got nothing planned at the moment but my son’s taking his family to Boston for a year from this July so I’d like to visit him.I have various devices attached to him which prevents him getting on road, and a collar which has taught him to come on command which I’d need to tell you about sometime
    Yours Polly hill

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