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Enjoying the weather?

We’ve been loving the weather and the dog walks are very pleasant now that the rain and wind has gone… but it’s easy for dogs to get hot when they’re being transported around on their way to have fun. We keep all windows in the van open and when we’re waiting for a dog to come out or get taken home, the doors are open to get the nice breeze through. There is plenty of water available and the dogs are monitored to make sure they’re cool and hydtrated enough.

At Bark and Stride, we make sure there is water wherever we go – Milton Country Park, Impington Lake, Grantchester Meadows, Stourbridge Common. Most of the dogs love to swim and have a drink while they’re at it. For dogs that don’t swim and don’t like going near the water, we take a water bottle with us so everyone can have some refreshment… me included!!

Once everyone’s comfortable, we can get on with having fun and games!!


Weekday Dog-Walks

Bark and Stride dog walker, based on Mill Road in central Cambridge travels from Mill Road to Grantchester nearly every weekday, and can drive via Queen Ediths, Newnham, Trumpington or wherever you and your dog are.

The Bark and Stride van is equipped with large and comfortable crates with soft bedding to make that exciting journey to the great outdoors a safe and secure one. Each dog is given fresh water after each walk from either a bottle or a bowl and treats too (if their diet allows of course!).

We usually go dog walking in Grantchester and Coton, but anywhere open and away from people/roads/residential areas is preferred. Each walk last at least an hour and during this time the dogs get to socialise and play with other dogs, swim (if allowed!), play games with sticks and balls, get lots of attention and generally have a great time!

Regular dogs include Kaylie the Labrador, Django and Maise the Poodles, Sasha the Collie X, Chaos the French Mastiff and Charlie the Bichon Frise.