If you’re going away for the weekend, a few weeks or even longer and can’t take your furry (or scaley or feathery) friends with you, don’t worry!
Bark and Stride can visit them to make sure they get fed, watered and a enjoy a bit of company.
I can live in your house and treat it and your dog like my own .
This includes normal feeding and watering, two half-an-hour walks in the morning (see the dog-walking section for further details) and evening, a long walk with games around lunchtime and letting out before bed time for the toilet, plus lots of love and strokes.
This can be discussed with regards to your dog’s normal routine, which I know is very important.
I could also stay at my own place and come over when appropriate, providing your house is reasonably close. If not, I might include some small extra costs for travel.
If you have someone else to look after your dog at certain times, we can talk about this and see what you need from me.
We can discuss fees, but a general idea would be somewhere between £25 and £35 per dog, depending on what you require.
Cat and small pet feeding:
I can come and feed your cat/rabbit/bird/fish once a day for £8 a day. We can arrange a discount for multiple visits…
I can come daily, every other day or whenever you want. We can have a chat and work out what would be best and how much I’d charge.