Dog Walks

We currently offer lunchtime group dog walks in the are of Cambridge south of the river.
Each walk is £15 and includes collection, an hour-long walk with other doggy buddies and dropping off afterwards.

If you require your dog to be cleaned up before being left at home, we can do that at no extra charge, along with topping up water bowls, giving snacks or other quick things they might like.

We’re currently unable to offer individual walks, but give us a call anyway because we might be able to help on a one-off basis or recommend someone else.


Starts from £45 per 24 hours and really depends on your requirements. best to give us a call for a chat.


Visits to small animals, such as cats and rabbits start from £12 per visit depending on location.

Pet Taxi

We try to match local taxi prices, so will quite often just call a few taxi companies and see how much they’re charging for the same trip, then quote that for your trip.